Frequently asked questions.


How does Rewire® differ from any other fitness-related beverages claiming to "increase hydration"? There are no other waters on the market allowed by the FDA to claim "more effective hydration" and "enhanced metabolic function." Our technology received the first patents in 1998 and 2000. All clinical research has been independently audited and verified.

Some people say "water is water." How do you respond? We welcome skeptics and understand that this is an advanced concept. We have double blind independent clinical studies, databases of research accumulated, and reports from hospitals, physicians and scientists showing that Rewire® is not only safe and effective, but hydrates more quickly.

Is the functionality of Rewire® stable over time? Yes. Rewire® is the first functional water that has stable hydration properties. We guarantee this for 24 months from the time the bottle is packed. You can carry Rewire® wherever you go and can expect a consistent hydration performance.

Will Rewire® interfere with my other supplements and medications? Rewire® appears to help some nutrients absorb better, enhancing the uptake of many factors you take with it (as shown in nutrient absorption observations in Olympic athletes). To be prudent, we recommend that Rewire® not be taken with any form of medication at the same time. If you take medications, take them at least 30 minutes AFTER drinking Rewire®. On the other hand, Rewire® is the perfect complement to nutritional supplements, helping them assimilate more quickly and efficiently in the body.

Rewire Your Workout.

Is Rewire® safe for children? Absolutely! Children under 12 years of age can drink between 2 and 4 ounces daily. Those with health concerns should start with less.

What does biodegradable packaging mean? Rewire® is the first functional bottled water to be packed in biodegradable packaging. This means both a biodegradable bottle and bottle cap.

We use PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles. This plastic is not known to leach any chemicals that are suspected of causing cancer or disrupting hormones. Our bottles are completely recyclable and not only biodegrade in the dark, anaerobic environment of a landfill, but the microbes that ingest them then create methane, which can be captured and converted to energy.

In addition to being biodegradable, the Rewire® packaging is also fully recyclable.

Where can I find Rewire? Rewire® is ready for market and in the process of establishing distribution. Our crowdfunding campaign will enable contributors to participate in funding production with the reward of experiencing Rewire® at a fraction of the cost of retail. Once Rewire® becomes available in stores, we will inform you straight away. Thanks for your patience and more information to come on crowdfunding!