Life is Water: 5 Powerful Hydration and Immunity Tips – With Dr. David Ramaley

April 12, 2020

Quantum Health, a Vita Technologies podcast for rewiring the way we approach and manage cellular health, repair and hydration, presents its inaugural podcast with Dr. David Ramaley, ND, DC, D.A.C.N.B. of Seattle Natural Health. Dr. Ramaley’s energetic career as naturopath, chiropractor, and applied kinesiologist, has led him to discover the power of hydration for optimal cellular function and immunity. He shares 5 simple yet powerful hydration and immunity tips that anyone can incorporate into their daily lives.

Quantum Health is built off of the curiosity of nutritional and molecular biologists, quantum and water biophysicists, physicians, medical anthropologists, bioenergetics practitioners, and experienced hackers committed to optimizing cellular health and repair. We distill the most complex of emerging health sciences and technologies to provide usable information and strategies to increase cellular health, support metabolic efficiencies, energy and recovery, and enhance life through a deeper understanding of quantum biology and the power of water. Your host is, Dr. Michelle Barry, PhD, cultural and medical anthropologist, Co-Founder and CEO of Vita Technologies.

In this first episode, Life is Water, you will discover:

  • Quality of water is more important than quantity of water when it comes to cellular hydration
  • Which waters are most effective and how they work in the body
  • Importance of light – and what kinds of light – in hydrating your cells
  • Links between hydration and your immune system
  • Ways to optimize your exercise for increasing cellular hydration
  • Lifestyle tips and products that are simple, affordable and easy to incorporate into your day

Products or references mentioned in this podcast:

  • Rewire Water – stabilized structured water with organic herbal nutrients created by Vita Technologies, Inc. Use coupon code: wegotthis15 for a 15% discount
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