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Tell a friend about Rewire. We’ll thank you both when they make their first purchase.

Refer a friend to Rewire and when they make their first purchase of any Rewire product, you’ll both earn $20 toward any product on rewirewater.com. It’s an easy way to have your friends experience Quantum Hydration for themselves. Plus, you can refer as many friends as you’d like. Start earning Rewire Dollars. Log in and click on Refer a Friend today!

Give $20, Get $20
Refer a friend and give $20 off their first order.
And you earn $20 off when they make their first purchase on rewirewater.com!

refer a friendThe more you refer...the more you save!

refer a friendThey get $20 off their first purchase of any Rewire product

You earn $20 off your next purchase...Refer as many friends as you like!


How do I refer a friend?
Simply log on to your rewirewater.com account (click the person icon at the top menu to log on) and go to rewirewater.com/refer-a-friend. Fill in the email address of who you'd like to notify about Rewire and click "send."

How will I know if a friend I referred purchased?
We’ll let you know through email notifications that you have earned Rewire Dollars.

How can I use the credits I’ve earned?
The Rewire Dollars you earn are deposited in your Rewire account and applied to your next purchase.

Is there a limit on how much I can earn?
No. You can refer as many friends as you want and you’ll earn Rewire Dollars toward your next purchases on rewirewater.com for each friend who purchases here as well. Even if it’s free!