YOUR HEALTH / Benefits


Repeated clinical studies suggest that our patented hydrating delivery system technology conditions water to effectively.

  • Improve hydration inside of cells
  • Increase cell water turnover
  • Increase cell membrane charge (most accessible water worldwide is disruptive to cell membrane charge)
  • Increase nutrient absorption delivering nano milled nutrients with health benefits amplified by the hydrating delivery system itself
  • Optimize metabolic efficiency
  • Increase energy
  • Encourage anti-inflammation
  • Improve digestion
  • Enhance athletic performance and overall health
  • Increase elimination of cell waste buildup (lipofuscin) – all actions that accelerate cell repair

These clinical studies have been independently audited and verified by third parties.

Rewire® further enhances our unique ultra-hydrating delivery system with potassium bicarbonate to help balance high acid conditions throughout the body, and a combination of gingko biloba and rhodiola to both further increase short-term energy and long-term endurance.

Through our parent company Vita Technologies, Rewire® is committed to ongoing investment in hydration science. Furthermore, 1% of our profits are dedicated to hydrating human and planetary health.

Rewire®. Hydrate Life™.