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Rewire Balance.

Reset and recharge your immune system.

Balance. We seek it. We strive for it. Our immune system requires it. Introducing REWIRE Balance Immunity. To help balance the immune system for optimal function, we combine our stabilized structured water with established naturopathic remedies of mushrooms, ashwagandha and licorice. REWIRE® Balance Immunity fermentation enhances the benefits of these ancient ingredients to optimize your immune system. Support your immune system with just one tablespoon a day added to a liter of Rewire® Hydration or purified water for two weeks.

— Fermented, increasing bioavailability
— Probiotic equilibrium support
— Handcrafted, small-batch production
— All organic medicinal mushrooms harvested in the US

Rewire Balance Immunity

We Rewire® Your Hydration so that you can...

Rewire your cellular health.
Rewire your cellular hydration.
Rewire your immunity.

Rewire® your hydration and the way you think about water.


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