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Our hearts and thoughts go out across the globe to those affected by the COVID-19 virus and especially those here in our own Seattle area. In response to today’s dynamically changing environment, we are looking out for our team around-the-clock, our food-safety plans are top-notch, and we are taking great care and working hard to keep orders filled and PNW shelves stocked.

High-quality, shelf-stable functional water has never been more important. We are committed to safety, quality sourcing, clean production, and positive attitudes. We expect to be able to continue to deliver the same quality products and reach new and existing customers as long as our partners feel it’s safe to keep production facilities open and teams in place. Thank you for your support and please stay hydrated.


Some people say "water is water." How do you respond? We welcome skeptics and understand that this is an advanced concept. We have double blind independent clinical studies, databases of research accumulated, and reports from hospitals, physicians and scientists showing that Rewire® is not only safe and effective, but hydrates more quickly.

Why do you recommend a liter a day? Only ½ the 2 liter (approximately 8 eight-oz glasses) daily recommended water intake by most health practitioners as an adjunct to other daily liquid intakes not including alcoholic, caffeinated, carbonated and sugary beverages. Because of ultra-hydration you may get better hydration with only 4 8oz glasses of Rewire® than 8 8oz glasses of other water.

Explain the benefits of each formula.
Rewire® Hydration delivers water throughout the entire body cell structures effectively increasing nutrient and oxygen absorption, eliminating waste, encouraging cell repair and optimizing cell health.

Rewire® Energy delivers complete hydration throughout the entire body cell structures and encourages an increase in long-term endurance and an acid balance without shocking your system with large concentrations of caffeine, sugar and alkaline fluids.

Rewire® Recovery delivers complete hydration throughout entire body cell structures and helps nourish your body’s ability to better metabolize inflammation from physical exertion, injury and disease.

Explain the pH difference across formulas?
Rewire® Hydration bottled at 7.4 pH
Rewire® Recovery bottled at 7.4 pH
Rewire® Energy bottled at 8.2 pH

Does Rewire® taste different? Most people love the clean and fresh taste of Rewire, and many notice a different mouthfeel or denser quality of the water. In fact, our water is denser and some can even tell by the way our water pours!

Do micronized nutrients have any benefits? Substance milled or micronized to very fine particles are easy for the body to breakdown than pills and tablets?

Is it my imagination or am I actually peeing more frequently? You very likely are as your body better absorbs and releases liquids.

Is the functionality of Rewire® stable over time? Yes. Rewire® is the first functional water that has stable hydration properties. We guarantee this for 24 months from the time the bottle is packed. You can carry Rewire® wherever you go and can expect a consistent hydration performance.

Is Rewire safe for children? For women who are pregnant? Yes, Rewire Hydration is safe for children. We recommend consulting with a physician before using Energy or Recovery herbal formulations with children under the age of 12 and women who are pregnant or nursing. Consult with a physcician before using if taking prescribed medications or suffering with extended illnesses.

Will Rewire® interfere with my other supplements and medications? Rewire® appears to help some nutrients absorb better, enhancing the uptake of many factors you take with it (as shown in nutrient absorption observations in Olympic athletes). To be prudent, we recommend that Rewire® not be taken with any form of medication at the same time. If you take medications, take them at least 30 minutes AFTER drinking Rewire®. On the other hand, Rewire® is the perfect complement to nutritional supplements, helping them assimilate more quickly and efficiently in the body.

Rewire Your Workout.

Does it have to be refrigerated once it's opened? We recommended refrigerating any unused portions in order to maintain the structure of the water molecules and efficacy of our products for a longer period of time.

Can I heat Rewire for making tea? No. Excessive heat can destroy the structure of the water molecules.

Why aren’t you still in biodegradable bottles? We launched Rewire in biodegradable bottles to align with our mission and values. We lost access to our supply chain this year and are aggressively researching bioplastic, glass and bottling alternatives so that we can return to our NO PLASTIC vision. Until then, are committed to never using virgin plastics, using at least a 50% recycled plastic with no BPAs, and we do offer glass gallon jugs of our water that can be mixed with reverse osmosis water. Our gallon jugs expand to more than 450 servings! Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

Can I transfer Rewire to an aluminum or metal water bottle? You can transfer Rewire to stainless steel but all other metals destabilizes the structure of the water molecules.


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